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15. Cultivating a Consultant Mindset with Bec Hughes

In this episode of Women Wealth WordPress, I chat with Bec Hughes, a mentor, brand strategist, and designer, to discuss the importance of cultivating a consultant mindset. Bec shares valuable insights into the psychology behind decision-making and the art of confidently leading a client through the entire project.  Bec emphasizes the need for preparation, setting boundaries, and making confident decisions in business. She shares real-life examples of challenging client interactions and offers practical advice on handling potential hurdles. Alongside her expertise in the creative industry, Bec also opens up about her personal journey of regaining confidence and managing her time as a mother. This conversation was a timely reminder of the power of owning your expertise, celebrating successes, and developing confidence as a freelance designer.  ———————————— Designer, developer, creative, VA, freelancer or marketing professional? Women Wealth WordPress is for you. For links to resources discussed in this podcast, each episode has its own post over on the website. Follow me on Instagram @seedlingdigital or @womenwealthwordpress Download my free Dream Life Workbook. If you love what I do here, please don't forget to subscribe, rate and review the podcast! Aim big, Nikki

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