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Herzl’s Death and Resting Place 

TFJ: Series 1 Episode 15: The Birth of Israel Over six thousand gathered for Herzl’s funeral in Vienna. In 1949 the State of Israel honored Herzl’s request and brought his bones to be buried in the state that he envisioned. Assimilated Herzl did not appreciate the meaning of the Land of Israel to the Jews, and was more concerned about acquiring a pragmatic solution – even if it would not be in Israel. TFJ takes a look at other lands that were offered to the Jews such as Birobidzan in far-eastern Siberia. Herzl’s family did not follow in his path, leaving his legacy to be treasured by those who moved to the land that he foresaw. Learn more at  Don't forget to subscribe, like and share! Let all your friends know they too can have a new favorite podcast.  © 2021 Media Education Trust llc

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