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S2 Ep.10: Lorna & Bill Goldberg on Helping Families & Cult Survivors.

Lorna & Bill Goldberg have been working in the field of helping both those who have left cults as well their family members, for almost 50 years now. In this episode, you will hear both how they got into the field, as well as insights and anecdotes regarding their work with those navigating the challenging time of having a loved one in a group of high control or high demand. Bill and Lorna have the longest-standing cult support group in the world, which began in 1976 and continues to this day. In 1999, they received the Leo J. Ryan Award from the Leo J. Ryan Foundation. Lorna and Bill have contributed to the cultic studies field with numerous articles published in professional journals as well as other writings that can be found in the links below. Lorna Goldberg, has been a board member and past president of ICSA (International Cultic Studies Association), is a clinical social worker and psychoanalyst in private practice, and Director of the Institute for Psychoanalytic Studies. In 2009, she received the Margaret T. Singer Award from ICSA. Lorna joined ICSA’s Board of Directors in November 2003. She co-chaired ICSA’s Mental Health Committee until her term as President of ICSA from 2008 to 2012. Bill Goldberg is a clinical social worker and psychoanalyst in private practice. He is also an adjunct professor in the Social Work and Social Sciences Departments of Dominican University, where he teaches courses on Social Work Methods, Social Problems, Ethnicity, and the Sociology of Religion. Bill has testified before the New York State Assembly Committee on Child Care, The New York State Social Service Committee, The New Jersey State Assembly Judiciary Committee, and the Connecticut State Judiciary Committee. He has served as an expert witness in several cult-related cases. Article referenced from the Goldberg website called: Lessons Learned: Therapy With Former Members of Cultic Groups or Relationships Co-edited by Lorna & Bill Goldberg: Cult Recovery. A Clinician’s Guide To Working with Former Members and Families. For Lorna & Bill’s chapters in the above book as well as other written resources from them, check out their website here. Click here for more on ICSA (International Cultic Studies Association) Click here for information on the Cult & Religious Recovery Group Program that begins April 2023. Our podcast features a beautiful song by Jaia Suri called, “Leaving the Cult”. Subscribe to Jaia Suri on Spotify and access the song here. If you feel moved to support Jaia’s music, please join her at Patreon. Jennifer is a cult and religious recovery counselor. She is certified in a specialized approach working with survivors that is research based and rooted in the work of Dr. Gillie Jenkinson. She has a Masters in the Psychology of Coercive Control and functions as an expert witness in such cases. Jennifer is also a research associate at Salford University.  For more information, please visit her website, Follow Jennifer on social media at: Facebook Instagram YouTube If you would like to be on the Project Hope Podcast or have any inquiries regarding the show, please email,  

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