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S2 Ep. 3: Amanda Redwine on her experience with & exposure of 'Revival for Christ Club' and its leader, Timothy Vanover.

Amanda Redwine joins us as both a cult survivor and whistle-blower. She is exposing the cultic environment of her former Church known as Revival for Christ Club in Moore, Oklahoma. This group also owns and operates the Yellow Rose Dinner theater. The leader of the group is Timothy Vanover, accompanied by his wife, Jennifer Vanover.  Amanda shares her experience regarding what it was like growing up in this group, and the impact it’s had on her family. After 35 years she has decided to speak out after losing her mother and being distanced from her eldest daughter. Although her story carries pain, Amanda has found new purpose as she fights to expose the group, the leadership, the destruction of families, and religious abuse. Our podcast features a beautiful song by Jaia Suri called, “Leaving the Cult”. Subscribe to Jaia Suri on Spotify and access the song here: If you feel moved to support Jaia’s music, please join her Patreon subscribers at: Jennifer is a cult and religious recovery counselor. She is certified in a specialized approach working with survivors that is research-based and rooted in the work of Gillie Jenkinson. She has a Masters in the Psychology of Coercive Control and functions as an expert witness in such cases. Jennifer is also a research associate at Salford University.  For more information, please visit her website, Follow Jennifer on social media at: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: If you would like to be on the Project Hope Podcast or have any inquiries regarding the show, please email,

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