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1. Bug Thy Neighbour: Witness K and Bernard Collaery

In 2013 Chloe Preston, a young law clerk one week out from admission, was working alone in her boss’ home practice in Canberra, Australia’s capital city. Her boss was out of the office and in fact, out of the Country, as he had flown to The Hague just 24 hours earlier to help Timor-Leste prepare a case against Australia in the court of arbitrations.   At around 9 o’clock that morning, the doorbell rang. Preston opened the door and was shocked to see ten officers waiting for her, including agents from the Australian security and Intelligence Organisation, or ASIO. The officers presented Preston with a warrant allowing them to search the property, although most of the warrant had been blacked out. When pressed, they explained their presence with the simple phrase ‘national security’...

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