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52 Weeks of Hope

Lauren Abrams



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Get Energy, Healing and Confidence Easily with Lindsay Bruce

Lose some of your mojo these days? You’re not alone. Lindsay Bruce overcame a lot to get where she was in the workforce - only to have it all crash down, ending up at home, depressed, on meds, and unable to function. Overcoming that state and regaining her confidence took time and she’s here showing you how to gain self-worth now. Through simple tools of mind, body, and spirit, Linday shares what easily works to make you stronger, happier, and healthier in this enjoyable episode with Lauren. “When you begin to find worth in yourself, your mindset changes, and the pieces begin to align. Healing is possible, you are worth it.” Lindsay’s the founder of ALY Warriors (Always Love Yourself) with healing through mindfulness, worthiness, nutrition, movement, and rebalancing. Listen now.

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