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How to Stop Wishing and Finally Make Your Dream Come True with Jen Mazer

Discover how to manifest your best life now with the "Queen of Manifestation"®, Jen Mazer. Jen is an uplifting transformational coach and speaker, and an expert on how to make manifesting fun & easy. She manifested living rent-free in NYC for over 10 years in an apartment with a jacuzzi, traveling the world, meeting her soulmate (a Grammy-nominated musician), and having beautiful home births to both of her kids on the exact same day, 9 years apart! Her artwork has been published in the NY Times, and her work featured in Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire. Jen is the published author of the popular book, "Manifesting Made Easy," and the co-creator of the fun board game "Sparked." She answers all your burning questions about how manifesting truly works, how to use your imagination to tap into your intuition, and how you can get yourself back into alignment in order to manifest your dreams. Jen shares simple practices you can apply right away to see results. Be and live all that you are called here to be, and get that magic back into your life during this inspirational conversation with Lauren and Jen.

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