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How to Find the Joy & Savor the Moments with Coach Steve Morris

Lauren welcomes producer, author, dad and coach, Steve Morris ("What Size Balls Do I Need")! After graduating from Yale and hitting his own dark phase in New York City producing, Steve moved to Los Angeles, and through a series of circumstances with his then-young kids, began a coaching stint turned full-time full-fledge soccer and Summer-of-Fun camp.   Founder of Coast Camp for kids, the funnest place for kids to be happy over the summer, Coach Steve’s overcome screaming sideline parents for decades & a LOT more as a coach and parent in The Dizzying World of Youth Sports. Raising his 3 kids with his wife and finding that the world of backyard and pickup ball with your friends changed drastically, Steve authored a tell-all and funny warning to future parents reminding them how to have joy in the process.   Steve’s funny, never holds back what he’s thinking, always makes you feel good about yourself, and in this heart-warming chat with Lauren reminds us about lightening up, having a sense of humor, and savoring the moment.

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