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52 Weeks of Hope

Lauren Abrams



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Changing Your Midlife Crisis to a Midlife Awakening with Kristin Balter

After a mid-life crisis 7 years ago, Kristin Balter fully tapped into her intuitive powers and ultimately unleashed them on her design and branding business. In her conversation with Lauren, she inspires you to unlock your greatness, tap into your knowing and walk into all that you are meant to be.   Kristin left a lucrative career feeling like something was missing. She is now the Founder of Life X Design, creator of The MagiK of YOU™ program, and Founder of SoulTribeCamp and SoulTribeDigital and Magik Sistars!   She works with like-minded searchers creating at a very high level and teaching them how to do the same.   Listen to Kristin and empower yourself from the inside out! Unlock, unblock and unfold YOUR unique and most divine purpose. Discover how to live your true calling now.

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