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How to Create Your Future Self Now with La'Quita Monley

La’Quita Monley is an inspiring minister, coach, and host of Create your Future Self. In this week's episode, La’Quita talks with Lauren about overcoming hardships like teen pregnancy, living abroad as a military wife, working on who she is, and staying true to herself as an individual - instead of all the labels society sticks on us (wife, mother, daughter, etc). A mom of 5 and a grandmother of 5, this truly remarkable woman will teach you how to be intentional and to live your purpose. La’Quita has learned how to overcome depression and live her dream and wants to help you do the same. She says, "To shift our lives, we must shift our minds." She shares a simple 3-step method to allow you to think, say and do what you want now. Listen and feel uplifted immediately!

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