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52 Weeks of Hope

Lauren Abrams



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From Poverty, Violence, and Prison to Successful Entrepreneur with Sean V. Bradley

Sean V. Bradley, AKA “The Millionaire Car Salesman”, is a great example of what a person is truly capable of achieving!  YOU can achieve great things, too! Sean’s life story is the ultimate message of hope. Sean was born into poverty, violence, and abuse in Queens, NY, and his childhood led him to boys' homes, gangs, and eventually federal prison. But Sean was determined to be more than a statistic. Against all odds, he left prison and built a huge life and business becoming a multi-millionaire first in the automotive world, then expanding into many companies. He's a best-selling author and a major speaker in the National Speakers Association. He’s absolute proof that ANYONE can do ANYTHING he or she puts their mind to when they have a vision, work hard and choose not to be a victim of their circumstances.  His empowering talk with Lauren is full of advice on how you can achieve, maintain and grow your success beyond your wildest dreams. Soon to be seen on VICE, listen to this amazing inspiring journey.

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