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Make Your Own Luck and Succeed: Become the CEO of Your Life with Hala Taha

Hala Taha sees potential everywhere. As the CEO of YAP Media, a marketing agency for top podcasters, celebrities, and CEOs, she helps others achieve their full potential. The company’s projected to generate over $1M in revenue in its first year. And she is taking the podcast world by storm--she has the #1 Education Podcast across all platforms and landed herself on the cover of Podcast Magazine. Yet while people think she's very lucky, she talks about how it took a lot of hard work and determination to get there. On this week's episode of 52 Weeks of Hope, Hala shares how to focus on the positive, even in the midst of grieving or hardships, and how to keep your “eyes on the prize” in order to achieve whatever that end goal/success is. She shares with us why she is a big believer in the “Secret”: that we get to have anything we set our mind to and focus on. Tune in to discover why your greatest accomplishments ALWAYS come on the heels of FAILURE, and how to just keep going with great tools and the perfect advice and tips in order to succeed.

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