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52 Weeks of Hope

Lauren Abrams



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Feel Life's Magic Right now with Pastor Rod Echols

Forward-thinking Pastor Rod Echols is an advocate of being true to your inner calling. He believes in following all of your visions, and shares how by being open to others, of service to your community, and by doing the footwork in life, you’ll find fulfillment. Discover the way to connect more profoundly to yourself and others in order to strengthen your communities and your inner self right now. Pastor Rod has a way with words and a grace that makes you smile just listening to him. He joins Lauren from beautiful Laguna Beach, CA where he is the minister at Congregational Church, discussing the inclusion of other faiths and emphasizes justice in “collaborating to make a better world." Pastor Rod Echols practices a progressive heartwarming Christianity that's spiritual and rewarding.  Enjoy this expressive episode and feel uplifted immediately & ready to take in life's magic from the inside out.

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