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#068 Mollie Jean De Dieu: on emotional inclusion and bringing back humanness at work

In this episode, we are speaking with Mollie Jean De Dieu is the founder of Emotional Inclusion, a speaker facilitator and General Manager for the French fashion and accessories company, Lonchamp for Singapore and Malaysia. After two decades in the fashion industry, she realised the urgent need to have a safe platform in the corporate world for emotions to be heard, recognised and dealt with. She is also currently writing a book for Penguin Publishing, that outlines her vision for humanising work cultures. In this conversation, we talk about the power of showcasing vulnerability, why humanness is not centrefold on the corporate agenda and how we can bring it back, and why we need to keep fear walking. I hope you enjoy this smooth conversation thanks to our sound partner Audio-Technica. Okay, it’s time to live wide awake. Stay connected with Mollie: Website: Social media: Stay connected & support the show Instagram:  Support: If you enjoyed the show do consider making a contribution so we can keep having conscious conversations - Reach out:

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