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#061 Taya Stapelfeldt: on the superpower we all have within us, how we are perfect and whole, and how to reconnect when feeling lost

In this episode, we speak with Taya Stapelfeldt, an Ibiza-based somatic leadership coach, mentor and embodiment trainer. She is known by her clients as the ‘woman with the key’ who has a deep and direct connection to the truth. She is a somatic strategist, whose approach combines many years of spiritual practice with leadership coaching, mindset, movement, breath and energy work that enables clients to transform at every level. Trained and certified in the Grinberg Method and the Pantarei Approach.  Her work has been featured on Mastermind Academy, the Meditation-moments app, BBC Radio and White Ibizia to name a few. This is a special episode for me because I worked with Taya for over a year and she helped me get out of a very dark place, supported me in processing trauma from my youth, allowed me to close loops that had been tormenting me for years and move more into the light and into my power. I will forever be grateful for her magical and supportive presence during such difficult times. In this episode, we talk about how we are already perfect and whole, we just need to rediscover it within ourselves, how to reconnect when feeling disconnected, the superpower we all have within us and much more. I hope you enjoy this smooth conversation thanks to our sound partner Audio-Technica. Okay, it’s time to live wide awake. Stay connected with Taya: Website: Social media: | Stay connected & support the show Instagram:  Support: If you enjoyed the show do consider making a contribution so we can keep having conscious conversations - Reach out:

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