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#051 Matt Rickard: The carbon credit debate, using blockchain to maximise social environmental impact & utility

Hey it’s Steph Dickson and welcome to the Live Wide Awake podcast. By now, you’ve probably heard of the words blockchain, NFTs, web3 buzzing around. And maybe you’ve started to get curious about what it all means. I certainly have. And I’ve been seeing a lot of people who work in the environmental space starting to come out with projects. I’m intrigued about the potential applications and impact for society and the environment with this technology. So today we’re speaking with Matt Rickard, Co-founder of, a Stellar-based blockchain platform that helps social enterprises to scale more effectively and, an eco-friendly NFT marketplace where creators can support social and environmental causes. The common thread there is the Stellar-based blockchain which alleges to be faster, cheaper and more energy efficient than typical blockchain based systems. We will dive into this more during this chat. It’s time to live wide awake. References Web3 women+ community | UNTAM3D Stay connected with Matt: Website: Social media: Stay connected & support the show Instagram:  Support: If you enjoyed the show do consider making a contribution so we can keep having conscious conversations - Reach out:

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