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#040 Georgette Tan: on challenging the patriarchy of leadership, championing female empowerment & anti-violence

Will we see gender equality within our lifetimes? What is the role of men and boys in the future of leadership? And how do we address domestic violence? Big questions that we are deep diving into with Georgette Tan, President of United Women Singapore, who previously headed up Communications and CSR at MasterCard Asia Pacific. In this episode we deep-diving into the need and struggle to change mindsets around women’s roles, challenging the patriarchy in leadership, the importance of women in sustainability, and the five Ss to keep you sane. It’s time to live wide awake. Stay connected with Georgette: Website: Social media: Stay connected & support the show Instagram:  Support: If you enjoyed the show do consider making a contribution so we can keep having conscious conversations - Reach out:

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