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Bitesize Episode 29 - How To Talk About Your Hobbies in English

Charlie and Harry talk about hobbies, IELTS Speaking Exam-style. If you want a taste of the IELTS Speaking Course, then this episode is for you! Tune in to have a sample of possible questions to be asked on an IELTS Speaking Exam and listen to how Harry gives out answers. And though these are actually bloopers this episode may prove handy in structuring your answers. Have fun and see you in the next episode!  Useful Links are below... 📝 Free episode worksheet 📢 This episode's sponsor was Podcorn 📑 Transcripts & glossaries 📔 How to use idioms in IELTS audiobook 🎓 The IELTS Speaking Course 🎓 The Academy 🎁 Free resources 🎓 English courses 🖥 📧 Newsletter with e-lessons 👋 Instagram @thebritishenglishpodcast 🤑 Get paid to tell people about the podcast Sign up for The Premium Podcast by visiting or try a FREE sample of The Premium Podcast by clicking here. Join the waiting list for The Academy by clicking here.

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