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Bitesize Episode 28 - Why British people suffer from the blues

Charlie explores the emotions British people go through in the New Year. If you'd like to better understand why Brits feel the blues in January then take a listen to this one-man show episode along with a ton of native expressions. Useful Links below... 📝 Free episode worksheet 📑 Transcripts & glossaries 🎓 The Academy 🎁 Free resources 🎓 English courses 🖥 📧 Newsletter with e-lessons 👋 Instagram @thebritishenglishpodcast 🤑 Get paid to tell people about the podcast Sign up for The Premium Podcast by visiting or try a FREE sample of The Premium Podcast by clicking here. Join the waiting list for The Academy by clicking here. Sign up to The Academy by visiting or try a FREE sample of The Academy by clicking here but be quick as the doors close on July 7th, 2022 and will not reopen for a long time.

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