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#AM - Ro Kohli (The Brown Satan) [War Machine Customs] [HORR]

PSA - if you want to jump straight to the Roadrunner stuff, it's 45 minutes in. Stick around for the start though, to hear about Ro's antics with War Machine Customs. https://linktr.ee/TempleOfBleh http://www.warmachinemarketing.com/ https://www.forbes.com/sites/lukethompson/2016/08/09/how-ro-kohli-the-war-machine-of-promo-items-moved-into-custom-toys/?sh=121f57536cfe A man of many customs close to this host's heart, Ro started with Roadrunner in 1995. Here he tells his story of how the Roadrunner Road Crew street team function operated, as well as his thoughts on the label during that time. We also discuss Ro's venture for the past 12 years, War Machine Customs, and a cheeky bit of Star Wars as well.

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