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Half Past Black (with Langston Kerman and David Gborie)

Is there such thing as "Color People Time"? Langston and David sit down for the first time together in the studio. They answer a listener's email about this conspiracy theory. They discuss the white standards with time construct and how Jesus gets involved. Is A.D. and B.C. even necessary? How tall was Mohammed? All these questions don't get answered, but hey, we know for a fact no one likes a time Nazi. White people need to chill about time and we pray for Scottie Pippen.  Send your conspiracy theories, music drops, and any problematic talks to We are now on YouTube! Listen & Watch episodes of My Momma Told Me. Subscribe to the channel here! Want to follow the craziness of Black conspiracy theories? We're on Instagram at @mymommatoldmepod   See for privacy information.

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