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Black Man in a Little Dress (with Devon Walker)

Do Black men in Hollywood have to put on a dress to succeed in Hollywood? Langston and David try on different ideas with Devon Walker (Saturday Night Live) about this popular barbershop conspriacy. They name the Mount Rushmore of Black men in dresses and what does it mean to be masculine. Musicians take a swing at putting on dresses, but are they really contributing to the conversation. Two words: Sylvia Plath  Send your conspiracy theories, music drops, and any problematic talks to We are now on YouTube! Listen & Watch episodes of My Momma Told Me. Subscribe to the channel here! Want to follow the craziness of Black conspiracy theories? We're on Instagram at @mymommatoldmepod CHICAGO, NYC, & PITTSBURGH TICKET DETAILS IN LINK BELOW: My Momma Told Me is going out tour! Find your nearest city here and get your tickets. See for privacy information.

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