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NBC to National Bill Cosby (with Bridget Todd)

Did Bill Cosby try to buy NBC? Langston and David chat with Bridget Todd (There Are No Girls On The Internet Podcast) about this conglomerate of a conspiracy. They discuss being a "Cosby" family, television raising them, and the downfall of America's deadbeat dad. Was it just white people afraid of his popularity on TV? Who knows. We don't condone Bill Cosby or Terry Crews. Send your conspiracy theories, music drops, and any problematic talks to We are now on YouTube! Listen & Watch episodes of My Momma Told Me. Subscribe to the channel here! Want to follow the craziness of Black conspiracy theories? We're on Instagram at @mymommatoldmepod My Momma Told Me is going out tour! Find your nearest city here and get your tickets. See for privacy information.

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