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Mindfulness For The Festive Season And Post Lockdown With Jazz Kalus

Navigating your way out of lockdown and straight into the busy festive season of the year can be a lot to process after a year like 2021 in Melbourne Australia. In today’s podcast episode I dive into a timely conversation about the importance of daily mindfulness practices post lockdown with social worker and meditation teacher Jazz Kalus. In this episode we explore: Jazz’s favourite food and soul place Learning about Jazz’s social work journey and new business in meditation Jazz’s definition of meditation, which includes uno cards Learning ways to respond to life, instead of being reactive Navigating your emotions post lockdown Why slowing down and self time is so important during the festive season How to enjoy and stay present and focused at family gatherings Key mindfulness tools for transitioning back into a new norm Jazz’s key self care practises for right now How you can connect with Jazz Show Links: Jazz: Instagram: @jazzkalusmeditation Website: Ilana: Website: Facebook: ilana.Kinesiology: Instagram: ilanaK.Kinesiology: Facebook Group: The Energy Shift Community: Aligned Living Membership: Work 1:1:

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