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November 2021 Energy & Life Forecast

In today’s podcast, I will be sharing something new that will be happening on ‘The Energy Shift’ and I am so super excited to announce it in this episode. Each month I will be sharing a monthly ‘Energy and Life Forecast’. This will be very similar to what I used to do back in corporate land as a Finance Analyst, but instead of discussing millions of dollars in expenditure and revenue forecasts, I will be discussing what you can expect vibrationally and energetically in the month ahead.  But before you go thinking all voodoo and woo woo, these episodes are really just about discussing what you can expect during the next month and perhaps some new insights in how to approach your daily normal life with more awareness, intentions, and mindfulness. In this episode I share: Announcing the start of the new monthly energy and life forecast  Review of October 2021 November moon Energy download New and full moon updates Ilana intuitive November energy supports Word and emotion of the month Crystals and essential oils for November Affirmation for the month Working with your Base Chakra What’s happening in my world for November  Exciting new offering happening this month Show Links: Ilana: Website: Facebook: ilana.Kinesiology: Instagram: ilanaK.Kinesiology: Facebook Group: The Energy Shift Community: Aligned Living Membership: Work 1:1:

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