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Future Steading With Jade Miles

This podcast has a simple message, “live like tomorrow matters”! This week I talk about future steading with another Gipplsander  Jade Miles, about her passion for living a much simpler and conscious life and why small change leads to big change. In this episode we will explore: Jade's life journey and black barn farm What is future steading  The seven pillars of future steading Why community and getting involved with community is so important Importance of rituals and why we can feel so numb and empty without them Future steading the book and why I recommend it Show Links: Jade: Website: IG: Future Steading Book: Ilana: Website: Facebook: ilana.Kinesiology: Instagram: ilanaK.Kinesiology: Facebook Group: The Energy Shift Community: Aligned Living Membership: Work 1:1:

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