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Relationships + Break-ups With Jennifer Demiri

Relationships are never easy. Our relationship conditioning comes from those relationships witnessed as children and often do not give us the correct tools and skills for effective communication and why they often fail or are unfulfilling. In this week’s podcast episode we discuss all things relationships with Jennifer Demiri. In this episode we explore: Jennifer's career and business journey. Truths about relationships. Why you need to be your own person first.  Why relationships often fail. Jennifer's key tools for relationships, breakup or divorce. Jennifer's non-negotiable self-care rituals. How you can learn more about Jennifer. Show Links: Jennifer: Website: Facebook: @createagaincoaching Instagram: @createagain Ilana: Website: Facebook: ilana.Kinesiology: Instagram: ilanaK.Kinesiology: Facebook Group: The Energy Shift Community: Aligned Living Membership: Work 1:1:

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