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Why Music Shifts + Heals With Maja Puseljic

Music heals! Music like the smell of essential oils has the capacity to shift our thoughts, emotions, and physical energy in an instant. This week we explore the power of music with a dear friend and client of mine, singer-songwriter Maja Puseljic.  In this episode, we dive deep into: Maja music and business journey. How music has assisted Maja to embrace herself, to heal and shine your authenticity. Why music heals our mind, body and soul.  Discuss the energy frequencies and vibrations of music. Maja top self-care non-negotiables. Maja 2021 tour in Australia. How you can connect with Maja.  Show Links: Maja: Soundcloud: Instagram: Bandcamp: Facebook: Website: Maja August 2021 Tour: Ilana: Website: Facebook: ilana.Kinesiology: Instagram: ilanaK.Kinesiology: Facebook Group: The Energy Shift Community: Aligned Living Membership: Work 1:1:

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