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LIVE! Chief Rabbi Sir Ephraim Mirvis KBE

 This episode of the Koren Podcast was recorded in front of a live audience! Alex and Aryeh were back on the road, this time in London as part of the Mizrachi UK Weekend of Inspiration, one of the biggest events in the Religious Zionist calendar in Europe. We were honored, or rather "honoured", to be joined by the Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth, Rabbi Sir Ephraim Mirvis KBE. Rabbi Mirvis has served as Chief Rabbi since 2013 before which he was Mara DeAtra of Finchley United Synagogue (Kinloss).  Listen now as we ask Rabbi Mirvis to teach us the whole Torah al regel ahat - standing on one leg LIVE at the Mizrachi UK Day of Inspiration.  Special thanks to Rabbi Andrew Shaw and David Reuben of Mizrachi UK, and Mark Frazer, and Michelle Bauernfreund from the Office of the Chief Rabbi. ______________________________________________________________ Useful Links: | Get 10% off your next order from with code PODCAST at checkout. If you would like to contact us you can reach us on social media @KorenPublishers or via email, at | | | The Koren Podcast was written and hosted by Aryeh Grossman and Alex Drucker and is edited and produced by Alex Drucker. Artwork by Atara Suna. Music by Music Unlimited via   The Koren Podcast is part of the Koren Podcast Network, a division of Koren Publishers Jerusalem.

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