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From Solar Farms to Sheep Farms with Ryan Kelliher & ASGA - E124

We speak with Ryan Kelliher, VP of Renewable Solutions at Tradition Energy and Executive Director of the American Solar Grazing Association (ASGA). We discuss why: Solar grazing is beneficial for farmers and rural communitiesSheep grazing is helpful for the permitting of solar projects, as it aligns incentives for the developer and the farmer and reduces community opposition.The lack of sheep in the US is a challenge for solar grazing, but the potential opportunity for farmers is is important of building emotional relationships with the local community to reduce community opposition to solar projects.And much more!Go to this link to find out more about ASGA or to become a member! Paces helps developers find and evaluate the sites most suitable for renewable development. Interested in a call with James, CEO @ Paces?

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