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Woman Vanished After Spotting Toddler On The Side Of The Highway - LATEST UPDATES!

What would you do if you saw a child on the side of the highway at night? What if the child was in distress, alone, and in a diaper? July 13, 2023, Carlee Russell saw a small toddler on the side of the highway. She stopped her car, called 911, and while on the phone with her friend, she got out to check on the child. She would go missing, and the whole nation believed she was human trafficked by evil people who used a child to lure her out of her car. 49 hours later, she showed up at her parent’s doorstep - barefoot and dazed. Her reappearance only promoted more questions. Where is the child now? Why won’t Carlee answer the questions? Is she even telling the truth? Full Source Notes: To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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