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Teen Threw Baby in Trash Can After Giving Birth in Hospital Bathroom

Within the busy halls of a hospital, a terrifying story unfolded. Alexee Trevizo, 19 years old, raced towards the restroom, clutching her backside in a desperate struggle. She locked the bathroom door behind her and time stretched on—5 minutes, then 10, and eventually 20—fueling the growing apprehension among the nursing staff. When Alexee swung open the door - the nurses saw the entire bathroom was covered in red blood. Hospital staff rushed to clean up the biohazard only to stumble upon Alexee’s haunting secret concealed within the bathroom trash can. She had been 9 months pregnant. She had given birth in the bathroom. And now there was a dead baby at the bottom of the bin. Full Source Notes: Rotten Mango (Cadence13) is sponsored by BetterHelp To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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