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Busting Canadian Money Myths with Sylvia Gallo @MoneyWithSyl

In this episode, I chat with Sylvia Gallo, Canadian money coach on common Canadian money misconceptions. We HEAR a lot of common myths maybe from friends, family, even strangers. No shame at all! At one point or another these myths were often things both Sylvia and I believed. Things you'll hear: Is it ever too early or too late to save? Should you turn down a pay increase or overtime because of taxes? Is the TFSA just a savings account? Are credit card perks really just to entice us to stay in debt? Should you invest while carrying debt? Is investing only for the wealthy? BE SURE TO FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM!  @BudgetBitchPodcast FOLLOW SYLVIA ON INSTAGRAM! @MoneyWithSyl BOOK A FREE BUDGET AUDIT WITH ME! Let's chat about how I can help you learn to manage your money and mindset! BOOK HERE To BOOK a 90 minute Budget Intensive Coaching session with me go HERE! I love sharing stories and REAL jargon-free content. Let's chat and connect! 

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