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Why You NEED Sinking Funds in Your Life

In this episode, I explain the beauty that are SINKING FUNDS. Ever wonder why you can't seem to save for larger purchases? Feel like you can't seem to get ahead of "unexpected purchases?" You don't want to miss this episode! Things you'll hear: What is a sinking fund? What are sinking funds used for? How to start a sinking fund? Why you need a sinking fund? Examples of sinking funds What I've used sinking funds for Difference between emergency fund and sinking fund BE SURE TO FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM!  @BudgetBitchPodcast BOOK A FREE BUDGET AUDIT WITH ME! Let's chat about how I can help you learn to manage your money and mindset! BOOK HERE To BOOK a 90 minute Budget Intensive Coaching session with me go HERE! I love sharing stories and REAL jargon-free content. Let's chat and connect! 

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