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Breaking Generational Curses Through Side Hustles: A Bartender's Story

In this episode, I chat with Aaron aka @captainflipflops all about his thrifting and buy/resell business. We get REAL about self-sufficiency, side hustling and hobbies, how working in hospitality can transition to entrepreneurship, and the impacts of mindset on your life and finances. He shares his story from growing up in Ontario, being bartender in the UK, all the way to treasure hunting and how it's helped him to break generational curses. BE SURE TO FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM!  @BudgetBitchPodcast BOOK A FREE MONEY STRATEGY CALL WITH ME! Let's chat about how I can help you learn to manage your money and mindset! BOOK HERE Things you will hear in this episode: How you can create more income with a side hustle. The importance your being kinder to yourself. Impacts of childhood, trauma, and career experiences on your money habits. The beauty of self-sufficiency. I use SquadCast to record my interviews. If you're interested in using the #1 podcast recording software for remote interviews, help support ya girl by signing up with THIS LINK. I get a small commission which helps me continue to create free content. :) I love sharing stories and REAL jargon-free content. Let's chat and connect!

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