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44. Relationship Coach Catherine Topham Sly

This week's guest is Catherine Topham Sly. Catherine is a counselor specializing in relationships, specifically relationships after kids. Through her practice, she offers counseling, coaching, and online courses and if you are just learning about her do yourself a favor and go check out her instagram page @insightandconnection because it is absolutely PACKED with tons of helpful resources. In this episode... We talk about how to resolve arguments faster so you're not spending all your connection time arguing. Catherine shares some great tips for couples navigating big topics that they're not fully aligned on - like politics, or how to raise your know, the big ones! Also, if you’re wondering when or why couples should go to therapy, tips for how to get your partner on board with seeing a therapist, or how to navigate conversations around getting more support from your partner...Catherine has some really helpful insights on that too. Links: Connect with Catherine on Instagram @insightandconnection or learn more about her offerings on her website at Connect with Taylor @themotherhoodprojectpodcast and @taylorpangman Learn more about Taylor's upcoming workshops at

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