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43. Carli Evilsizer from Partum

This week's guest is Carli Evilsizer, she is the founder of Partum, an online marketplace for everything moms need from maternity clothing to postpartum recovery products.  In this episode... Carli shares her personal mental health journey with anxiety and depression during pregnancy, which is something you don’t often hear people talk about (we hear about it in the postpartum phase but not much during pregnancy), so I am so grateful she opened up and shared her experience here so other mamas out there currently experiencing anxiety and depression in pregnancy can know they are not alone. We talk about the inspiration behind Partum and how important it was to Carli to not only create a marketplace that focused on moms first but also to create a safe space to talk about the hard things about motherhood We talk about what it’s really like being an entrepreneur and building a business during COVID - something we both have in common, while also being the primary caretaker to young and energetic toddlers And we talk about how important it is for mamas to take care of themselves! AMEN! Links: Check out Partum at or on Instagram @joinpartum Connect with Taylor @themotherhoodprojectpodcast and @taylorpangman Learn more about Taylor's upcoming workshops at

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