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37. Mira Torres from JUNO & Co.

This week's guest is Mira Torres. Mira was a young single mother at 19 to her first son and worked her way up starting in a retail position at ULTA, then became a beauty editor, before she eventually joined IPSY as their first full-time employee and helped them grow their online beauty community from 25,000 to 2M in just 4 years. She is now the co-founder & CMO of JUNO & Co (you might recognize them for their famous microfiber sponge that sold more than 500,000 sponges in just 3 months!) and of course, mama to two boys. In this episode... Mira shares with us what it was like for her as a young single mom with her first son and how she found her way professionally during that time We discuss what it was like working at startups and starting her business And Mira shares a bit about the 14 year age difference between her boys and what it’s been like having her second child at this point in her life Use promo code MPROJECT for 10% off at JUNO & Co. Links:  Connect with Mira and learn more about JUNO & Co. @thejunoco Bollywood Movie I referenced: Dear Zindagi Connect with Taylor @themotherhoodprojectpodcast and @taylorpangman  Learn more about Taylor and her offerings at

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