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31. Courtney Klein + Grace Kapin of STORQ

This week's guests are Courtney Klein and Grace Kapin, Founder and Creative Director of STORQ.  In this episode... Courtney and Grace share their story of how STORQ got started and what it’s been like growing a company while simultaneously growing their families at the same time (they both have 2 kiddos now!) We also have a really honest conversation around the mental game we as mamas might play with ourselves around purchasing new clothes during pregnancy and postpartum and how deeply personal that journey is for each woman. And finally, we talk about some of the awesome ways they’re working to grow a thoughtful community, like their partnership with The Homeless Prenatal Program here in SF and in their monthly donations every month to organizations that work to directly support mothers, families and birth workers from underserved communities. Use promo code MOTHERHOODPROJECT for 15% off any order between 11/20/20 - 12/20/20 Links: Connect with STORQ @storq Connect with Taylor @themotherhoodprojectpodcast and @taylorpangman Learn more about Taylor and her offerings at

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