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125 - How to Build The Right Kind of Community - Tatiana Figueiredo

Launch and nurture a community that works for you.  That's the goal isn't it with our communities and memberships? This is why today's episode is going to be such a good one, I speak with Tat Fig on exactly how to do this.  This episode is for course creators and membership site owners who want to build a thriving community. One they can be proud of & that keeps paying them month upon month.  We cover:  The business model - How we build something that gives value and fulfils the need of our members. Community experience - Onboard members so people feel welcomed into the community.How to highlight those shared interests between members. Creating one of a kind community experience and the process behind that.  How to drown out that feeling of imposter syndrome. How to attract the right members. Finding the right channels to get members. 

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