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122 - 2021 Year In Review

The 2021 Year In Review  2021 is the year I'll never forget. Mainly due to the fact that I was standing in the labour ward and was handed a little bundle.  My first child, Isla. What a crazy rollercoaster of a ride I wasn't prepared for! I am sure all parents reading and listening can relate to that moment when your world changed.  I wanted to create this episode because it's the last one this year as I take a 2-week break to really go through the year.  It's usually at this time of year people start looking back and planning for the new year, I am no different.  The big thing for me this year has been levelling up, I have come into a new niche that I am experienced in. But I am competing for your attention, with some good marketers & some total fake guru's.  It's been about how I can give you the most value I can bring. How I can put my personality, my values etc... into what I am building.  In this episode I cover...  What worked  Talking to people as people Getting to know members Email marketing Bullet journal Podcast Getting deep into the customer What didn't work  YouTube Challenge Had to up my game marketing-wise Several failed funnels Facebook group Focus on What're my ideas for the next year  Ultra-clear on what I want The pathway for getting members Focus on what I am good at and what I love Grow the podcast - Pod parties/promotion I've had a GREAT 2021, yes it's had serious challenges but amongst that it's been a stellar year and I cannot wait to see what happens next. 

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