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119 - How I had my highest grossing month with a black Friday promo

We all want more members right? We are trying everything every day to get them, what I will share with you in this episode shows how I had my highest grossing month & how I took what was going to be a one-off yearly deal and included it into my membership to repeat the success.  Goals with the episode  If I could show you how to have your greatest sales month ever would you listen all the way to the end? If I also show you how you can get a lot more members who are sticking around for the long term in the process would you listen till the end? Show you how I sent one email and it literally doubled my sales How I got members staying for 12 months - 2 months longer than my LTV How they stuck around after the deal ended Let’s do this then!  Link to the post with the email --->>

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