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116 - What REALLY happens when you launch and only sell 1 or worse you don’t pitch

Have you ever gone into a launch or a sales sequence and either not pitched because you thought what’s the point there are not enough people interested? OR pitched and only sold 1 or none?  This episode is for you!  Let me set the scene for you, you’ve been playing your launch or next sales promotion of your membership  You’ve got the plan. everything is ready. I know you’ve emailed the list. you’ve run the ads - even though you weren't sure what you were doing. You’ve warmed them up to you.  Spent all day working HARD and I mean HARD on it, battled those demons that creep in those ones that are saying things like you can’t do this, you are going to FAIL You’ve journaled, you’ve used your phones calculator many times playing around with how many have signed up, how many you want to sell and every day you move the goal members lower…..  Then it comes to the pitch and you either:  1) Don’t pitch  2) Sell 1 or none  How do I know this? Because it’s been me too. It’s heartbreaking, I have to tell myself ‘Ryan, lets not have a pity party, what can we do about it?’ I tend to also take the day off after a launch too or sales sequence and get out - the peaks!  This is why I created this episode to break down exactly what to do!

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