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115 - How To 10x Your Membership With A Killer Offer

Spending your days dreaming about what it would be like if your membership was 10x bigger?  If there’s ONE thing that separates getting a truckload of sales in your membership and not... it’s knowing how to create a KILLER offer.  They type that makes it impossible to NOT buy your membership. How would that feel?  To create this kind of offer a lot of membership site owners think:  They think they need to be the worlds best salesperson To be the best copywriter To design the worlds best-looking website Have the most amazing content The truth is that none of that matters. It's not your fault that you think that though, it's what the fake gurus want you to believe. It's why they bombard you with those messages!  You don't have to be the best copywriter. You don't need the best tech The best-looking website Because people want a solution to their problem how it comes they don’t care.  What if I could show you how you could 10x your membership? What if I could show you the exact question to ask to get sellers in your membership in the next 1 hour? Then within the next 3 days, you could know the exact words to be used to get people to buy? Then getting sales in 15 days? Being able to then scale this up so that you can 10x your membership? The only thing standing between you and the new sales alerts is listening to this podcast 

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