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108 - 750K Community Tom Ross The Community Guy

This episode is all about community, which is why I brought on Tom Ross the community guy.  We cover:  750,000 community members - so lets start with that - remember how it felt when you started out before this huge number, what would be the one thing you would tell yourself?Whats the number one thing you think people misunderstand about building a community?You mentioned that people have an audience which is mainly content and then a community which is deeper level of connection. As the listeners are membership site owners many have an audience and then the membership community - one thing they struggle with is getting the Audience to know like and trust them to become members - what kind of things can we do tooGrow the audience & make that audience more of a community?How do we identify our most engaged? How do we reach out to get them into the membership?I've heard you say that 200 is the critical mass and a good idea is a waiting list so that you can get there quickly, what do you do if you've already launched?How do we adopt a one member community mindset?

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