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100 - (Case Study) How I Increased Engagement In My Community 70% in 7 Days!

100 - (Case Study) How I Increased Engagement In My Community 70% in 7 Days!  In this episode I will break down how I increased community engagement by 70% in 7 days, I’ll break down the whole process so you can have all my key takeaways.  Shall we get into it?  So I got this idea from a blog post by digital marketer, where they ran an experiment to do a lurker week to try and increase their silent members in their community - it got me thinking I had 700 members at the time but only 20% of them engaged - I know others got value as they read the posts  BUT could I get them to post?  What was my aim? I wanted people to get more out of the community, I know they emailed or privately messaged but I knew they’d learn faster and get more out of it from communicating in the group.  The results were:  40 people who have never commented before commented on my lurker post 70% engagement within 7 days - this was measure by posts, engaging on posts & comments It increased the sense of community in the membership ryan@themembershipmastery

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