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90 - What Causes Churn in a membership & what you can do about it?

These 3 things cause churn & what you can do about it? Do you know what actually causes churn in your membership? Many people think that they do, when you give it a little bit of thought and listen to this epsiode you will be armed with the 3 things that cause churn! Then it will be over to you to do something about it. Don't worry I've got your back with that as well! I will tell you what you can do about it! The 3 things are:  OverwhelmProduct fit Time  What can you do it about it? Firstly!! Always ask why they left get feedback! Overwhelm See what Q’s people are asking you and your support? See what Q’s they are asking in the community about what is happening Check the insights on your community - logins/page views etc… Put these Qs in the on boarding Sequence Product fit Make sure its 100% clear that anybody signing up knows what it is / who its for & most important who its not for Time Tough one! But can you do a reduced version of the membership? Look at the Q’s you keep getting asked where is this? How do I access that? Etc… Writing your emails is hard right? Don't let it be, I've got templates you can use to onboard your members - Grab them here

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