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88 - Empower your members! Don't make them dependant on you ;)

Empower your members - Don’t make them dependant on you  You don't need to have your members feel like they have to be with you to get success, empower them so they want to be around you   We want to empower our members, they’ll stick around longer by doing that instead of what a lot of membership site owners do - make them feel like they rely and need the owner  Why empowering is better? Put the power in their hands, they’ll keep coming back for more.  You’ve worked hard to get them in, empowering them makes them want to be apart of what you’ve built  Help them get a win Celebrate the wins Show them how to use your membership better Give them what they need Create the path to bigger success  All of this leads to people sharing their story, their success, their failures and wanting help - this makes your community an amazing place - why? Because people want to be heard and feel listened to - if you do this they’ll engage! Struggling with engagement? Use my templates and have 365 days of engaging posts! Tap me to get them!

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