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86 - Increase your engagement, how? Talk to the right people.....

As a membership site owner and a helper of membership accelerators. I know how painful it can be to sit down in front of the computer, coffee and the cat and think - hey this post will really get engagement.... then nothing.... It's something a lot of membership site owners go through, it's usually totally avoidable though - how I hear you say? By talking to the right people! I know you've heard this many times but how do you know who the right people are? Well listen to this episode and be armed with that knowledge - then get out there and start talking to more of the right people! Because when you talk to the right people it makes your membership a whole lot more fun, members get more results & you get more scale.   If you are stuck for what you can post? Let me give you some inspiration with 365 Days of ideas 

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