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78 - Using Facebook Ads to Scale your membership?

* This podcast episode is all about how and why you can use ads in your membership  I must point out that you don't need ads in your membership and I have built a membership without them.  Let me point out ads aren't as scary as people make out - There’s a gazillion tutorials out there  When should you use ads? When you are established and have a solid base so members are sticking around, they are engaging with your content inside the membership & getting results. Also you’ll likely have an email list of purchasers so can create a lookalike for facebook here  I like 2/3 sources of traffic for membership Paid, blogging SEO / Podcast / Email list / Socials  Paid ads works nicely  Why should you use them? To scale your membership - providing value, warm up people build trust  What should you know?  LTV of customer / what you want to achieve / it will take a little bit of work / might not get it right straight away  What type of ads?  Lead ads - which is form on Facebook to freebie / LM then added to email list warm up from there  Conversion - take something from the membership out offer a small ticket to cover the ads warm up via email  What do I do with the leads when I have them?  VALUE 

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